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How to get the Google Search Main Page? (1)

First of all I would say,that those,who have not been exposed before the SEO, it seems the answer to that question is mystic.But who is a search engine optimization myself more cultivated, it seems a simple thing.The thing seems difficult for those,who have already begun to optimize, but still can not see the results.
So, what do I do,to get your website and its sub-sites are Google's main page or even the first among the three.

5 good advice for better writing on the Web

writing As studies show, are just a few seconds to attract the attention of site visitors.
If they can not find anything interesting, pressing the back button quickly, and continue to browse other sites.The first thing should be the most eye-catching title.
This should be an intriguing reference to a visitor , then he will also continue to reading.When she reads in a single sentence, it shall treat the second, third, etc.
So if this thing is not something as simple as it seems initially.
Here's some tips on how to better connect with readers, and for them to make reading more enjoyable.