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A few useful SEO tools

few tools
We see a lot of effort on your site,optimizing it.Own mind, we are just as happy with the result, but whether the search engines think the same way?Even if time and SEO resources have been used much more, we cannot yet be sure whether the site will reach a high position in search results or not.

How to get the Google Search Main Page? (3)

The journey to the Google main page, we arrived in a previous post when assessing the competitive.As I mentioned, then a link to more than 1000 pages is not worth trying to catch.A few hundred links are a very real.And the front page of such competition may arrive in a few months.Namely, they are definitely a couple of hundred a link without a specific anchor text.So, then enter the keyword to the front is really needed less than 100-200 with similar anchor text link.These links are probably not as different class C domains,what gives you the opportunity to once again.

How to get the Google Search Main Page? (2)


Through the Google main page, in a previous post, we got so far that we have a lot of keywords.We will take on the necessary screening.