How to get the Google Search Main Page? (3)

The journey to the Google main page, we arrived in a previous post when assessing the competitive.As I mentioned, then a link to more than 1000 pages is not worth trying to catch.A few hundred links are a very real.And the front page of such competition may arrive in a few months.Namely, they are definitely a couple of hundred a link without a specific anchor text.So, then enter the keyword to the front is really needed less than 100-200 with similar anchor text link.These links are probably not as different class C domains,what gives you the opportunity to once again.

But now it's time to find out,if someone from their sieve keywords money earns.In order not themselves need to be tested.You just have to see how many AdWords ads and their click rates are:

  • In my opinion,the advertisers have a minimum 5.Over ten is clear signal,that this keyword is able to make money.
  • Click on the price of more than one dollar is also a good sign.Click on the prices you can check the Google Keyword Tool,if you add an one column.

By now it should be in our list of keywords passed through a three sieve:

      1.Sufficiently search by month
      2.Sufficiently weak competition
      3.This are possible to earn money

We choose the best keywords and register a domain

Their sieve search words must be chosen from among the best, and then 4-10 secondary.For best keywords would be registered(if you are not yet done so, of course)TLD - Top Level Domain.These domains are ".com", ".net" and ". org".These domains are preferred for Google.Although you can also register ".info" or some other secondary domain, but here you cannot get such a bonus that the TLD.

Google gives a substantial bonus if your domain name and search word match exactly.For example, if your main keyword is "dvd players",the best possible domain could then be, or, however, are not available for the exact overlaps domain.One possibility is then placed hyphens among the words.In this case, the domain name would look like, it's as good as previous versions, but it are difficult for people to remember.Overall would not recommend the use of hyphens in the domain name.A better option would probably have to add one word at the end.In this case, the domain would look like for example, search for free domain in,then it will automatically offer the most popular words themselves domain end.

Set up a website

If the domain exists, you must set up a engine may be used, but it can be anything that any other CMS (Content Management System).Key to this is,that each subpage would have its own Title tag and URL-s can be edit the text.

After setting up a technical solution to create content pages, what can be start to optimize.If we are selected ten keywords,then create ten sub-site.Every keyword goes in the following locations on page:

      1. Into the title tag of the page(Wordpress automatically puts the name of a page or post there)


       It is located in a code among "head" tags and look like this:<head><title>Keyword</title></head>

      2. Into the URL


      3. Contents of the text (recommended length is 400-600 words and a keyword in the presence of 1-2%)

      4. Meta description - if you do not, then Google will automatically take the content of the text paragraph

      5. Into the heading tag (H1, H2, etc.)(recommended, but not as important as the upper points)

If the subpages optimized, it does not hurt to create a sitemap for your website.Who uses WordPress,then there exists a corresponding plugin.If, however, do not use WordPress, you can make the sitemap here:

Redirect links to the right place

To date, we have been optimizing the site.It only remains the last and most difficult part of the optimization - links obtaining.

For each subpage is necessary to refer the corresponding keywords links.If our site is and the subpage keyword is "samsung video",it should be directed to the anchor text "samsung video" links for each sub-page at It is recommended to use in links at the end the slash (if it is not just a file, here is at the end the file extension).

Where then can be the links?

That is the million dollar question.But there are still some options available.The most robust and longer-term impact is very good and unique content creation for your website,so that others link to you.But if your site is still new,can not count on it soon.It is therefore necessary to refer to themselves in any way to your page.These places are different:

  •   Web pages directories (
  •   Articles directories (
  •   Blog directories (
  •   Social Bookmarking (
  •   Web 2.0 sites where you can create your pages  (,
  •   Videosites (,
  •   Forums posts and signatures
  •   Profiles on various sites
  •   Friends and acquaintances websites

    In addition, be sure to refer to the site with the appropriate anchor texts.It can also show the search engines what content is located in what subpage.

    To verify the results, you should still do the next:

    • Grafting onto a website web analytics( there you can see which  channels your visitors are coming 
    •  Register with Google Webmaster Tools page.From there you can see which pages are indexed, where is directed links, etc.

    It is quite superficial guide.In each point is the nuances, to which attention should be paid,but if generally behave this according,you should already have a webpage on the main page of Google within a few months.

    Many are now saying that they are already outdated techniques,and that Google has totally different criteria for assessing websites.I still think that everything still goes in the old way.If you want results, you see the trouble.

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